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Scuba diving courses

As you dive through the undiscovered beauty of the undersea world, OKAYDIVE takes your hand and lets you explore it. Scuba diving is the best way to see it firsthand. You may find solitude beneath the waves and become aware of every breath you take. Scuba diving might rewrite your life and help you appreciate the significance of every breath you take. To become a professional scuba diver, you must pass the below mentioned courses.

Discover Scuba diving/Experience Scuba diving

You can’t immediately penetrate into the deepest dreams of the ocean. You must first adjust to the underwater surroundings. With OKAYDIVE, you may begin your discover scuba diving training in the safest possible underwater environment. To acclimatize to the environment, you can explore the underwater body in a pool or a safe underwater body.

We provide you with a comprehensive explanation of the scuba diving equipment you use and explain everything about its function. This course will help you figure out whether or not this adventure is destined to fulfil your aspirations.

Open Water Diver

After this training, the enigmatic oceanic universe opens its doors to you. This training will enlighten you by allowing you to experience the endless possibilities of scuba diving with specialized OKAYDIVE scuba divers. This course certifies you to dive anywhere on the globe. An open-water diver with certification might potentially instruct others in diving. This certification enhances the abilities and skills associated with this experience.

After completing the course and demonstrating all required abilities, you will be a certified underwater professional. It’s your ticket to an uncharted underwater fantasy.

Advance Open Water

PADI Advanced Open Water course is to strengthening your skills and takes you closer to mastering the skill of diving. You can try deep diving below 18m/60ft, practice navigation and buoyancy and finally make 3 specialty dives of your choosing, which will earn you credit toward PADI specialty certifications. Here are few of the options, Deep, Digital Underwater Photography, Dive Against Debris, Dry Suit, Enriched Air Nitrox, Fish Identification, Night, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search & Recovery, Underwater Naturalist, Underwater Navigation, and Wreck Diver.

You must be at least 12 years old and have open water junior/junior open water diver  or similar  certification to apply for this course. You will learn to use a compass and improve your buoyancy after this course. The depth to which you dive depends upon your age and the maximum would be 30m.

Rescue Diver

Now you can be a better diving buddy because the PADI Rescue Diver course will teach you how to rescue other divers and fix minor gear issues. You will gain a lot of confidence and will be capable of fixing minor issues before they turn into bigger problems. Tending to leg cramps and assisting a tired diver are also the skills that you will learn out of this course.

You must be at least 12 years old to apply for this course and the course will be for the length of 4-7 days. You must have Adventure Diver/Junior Adventure diver with completed underwater navigation dive; EFR primary and secondary care training within 24 months.


PADI Divemaster course helps you share your passion for scuba diving and perfect your diving skills. Divemaster’s typically assist instructors with classes and lead certified divers on underwater adventures. They often fill tanks, load gear, check-in divers and help with other miscellaneous tasks. You can conduct guided dives and you will be able to attain leadership skills.

You must be at least 18 years and must have Rescue Diver, 40 logged dives, CPR and first aid certification within 24 months, medical clearance to dive. As divemaster you are a leader and divers and non-divers will look at you like beacon of hope.

Emergency first response course

If you want to know how to handle critical moments as well as life threating medical scenarios, then Emergency first response is the course you want to opt in. There will be primary and secondary training in which you will learn how to perform CPR using special manikin, provide first to alleviate pain and practice bandaging and splinting to cure various injuries and illness. You will learn how to help someone who is choking and handle a possible spine injury. This course will equip you with the necessary skill to take spontaneous decisions and supplement it with the necessary actions as well.

There is no age limit to learn this course and only a good mind to help others is only required to enroll into this course.

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