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Mermaid Course

Everyone in this world is sure to be fascinated by the stories about the mythical creature, Mermaid. Like the old tales tell us mermaids have magical powers, even though you may not get those powers but the mermaid equipment and costuming help us in experiencing something similar. The PADI mermaid diving program is a very enjoyable and amusing experience to anyone who has any interest in swimming and exploring the depths. This program is designed for both divers and non-divers, and which means that you don’t need any previous experience to enroll into the program.

The word ‘mermaid’, though considered feminine, is a gender-neutral term and likewise the PADI mermaid program is not just limited to women, male divers can also experience mermaid diving. The Mermaid course might appear simple but there is a lot to decipher about the safety and the proper use of the equipment. Mermaiding is a type of diving that is so fascinating and interesting and OkayDive will help you unlock your mermaid skills; all you have to do is contact us.

These are the course that come under Mermaid diving:


Advanced Mermaid

With the PADI Advanced mermaid course you will break out of confined walls and test your skills in the open water environment. Now you are going to face the more deeper, larger and everchanging conditions of the open water and will learn the basics of how open water is different from a pool. This course will be an introduction to open water mermaiding techniques and to learn about the population under the sea, the Aquatic life. There will be two confined water sessions where you will prepare for basic mermaiding, rescue/problem management skills and conduct mermaid dives. The course will also  teach you certain mermaid diving skills to you like dolphin Kicks, C-shape and U-shape side turns, backward somersault turn, underwater handshaking mermaid bubbles and back glides. Then comes the open water session where you will execute mermaid dives in the natural local body of water or a purpose-built site, larger than a pool, suited for mermaid diving.



PADI Mermaid course includes two confined water skill sessions that develop untapped mermaid skills and improves your knowledge about mermaid diving. You will understand how mermaid divers posses special skills that make them stand out from the other types of diving. The course will instill certain mermaid diving skills to you like dolphin Kicks, C-shape and U-shape side turns, backward somersault turn, underwater handshaking mermaid bubbles and back glides.

You must be at least 10 years old to enroll into the PADI Mermaid course and should be able to swim 50m/150ft without the help of swim aids. You should also be able to float on the surface for at least 5 mins and should be physically healthy. Just because this is an entry level mermaid course, no previous diving experience is required.


Basic Mermaid

PADI Basic mermaid course is the next step towards mastering the skill of mermaiding. This course covers the basic principles of mermaid diving and imparts knowledge about the fundamentals. There will be a water skill development session where you will be subjected to learn and practice mermaid diving skills, problem prevention and handling, how to make mermaid dives etc. The course also covers the background of mermaid diving, culture, primary safety considerations, equipment and basic water skills.

The minimum age to take up the PADI Basic mermaid course is 6 years and should be able to swim at least  25m/80ft without any swim aids, able to float on the surface for at least 3 mins most importantly in good physical health. No prior snorkeling, skin diving or free diving course completion is required to enroll into this course.


Discover Mermaid

The Discover Mermaid course introduces you  to the basic mermaid activities in a pool or pool like conditions and it will shallow enough for you to stand. This program is designed to be simple, safe and explanatory about the mermaid dive. You will wear a mermaid tail (monofin), masks, snorkel etc. when you are in the shallow water session which comprises of swimming, underwater swimming and entertaining games.

To enroll in to Discover Mermaid course, the minimum age is 6 years with good health status and should be comfortable in the water. Divers as well as non-divers with no experience could apply for this course.

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