An opportunity to experience the soulful activity of scuba diving along with many other diving services.



When you come in touch with OKAYDIVE you will feel like you belong to the ocean and our services will make you fall deeper in love with the act of diving.



OKAYDIVE offers you our valuable assistance round the clock and we will provide suitable solutions if any problem arises.

About us

Have you ever wondered looking at the ocean and exclaimed about its vastness and richness!!!
Always had a feel to explore the ‘ mighty’ ocean with all of its might , we “Okaydive” will help u to accomplish ur long cherished dream.
Scuba diving is the gateway to visualise the wonders of sea on real time basis.When you are at scuba diving, all that surrounds you blurs, all your thoughts cease to exist.. It’s just you and the ocean being in harmony. Ocean is a galore of miracles and the scenery changes every second and what you witness there will be mind-boggling.

At OKAYDIVE we are a bunch of diving experts who have enormous expertise and deep knowledge in diving. We make u unravel the depths of ocean and make u euphoric. Scuba diving is an activity by which u will explore another world and that experience will will bring u the tranquility and ecstasy of a life time. We caters professionally experienced divers as well as non-divers to explore the fascinating underwater world of Dubai and. Our passion has always been to scuba diving and we take pride in presenting our skills and expertise that we acquired through years of diving trips to the world.
Let’s be prepared to gear up with “Okay Dive” for real adventerous extravaganza — Scuba diving.
We will embrace you with our world class service and be with you in this beautiful endeavor. What u need to do is just soak up in the silence of the ocean and feel boundless from everything.
Just say OKAY and DIVE in with us, we will help you escape into a peaceful and magical world of eternal bliss.


Why Choose us ?

WE ripple through the underwater kingdom with our customers and let them unwind all their worldly pressures. WE always appreciate the companionship of our fellow divers and strive to give them the best out of their diving experience. WE here at OkayDive can proudly say that our passion is our profession, so you could be sure that you are in very safe hands. WE are always on the spotlight because of our customer centric approach and value for the money spent.

You see how the word ‘WE’ is accentuated here, that is because the secret of our success lies with us being in unison with our fellow divers and always having each other’s back.


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